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10 online gold mines to find freelance writing jobs for beginners

10 online gold mines to find freelance writing jobs for beginners

Freelance writing jobs for beginners aren’t a pipe dream. They exist.

Am not talking about low paying, soul-sucking jobs that leave you with a tangy taste in your mouth. These are writing opportunities that can help you put food on the table, take care of your family, and thrive as a freelancer doing what you love.

Finding such a job can seem like a daunting task to a beginner. You have to wade through hundreds of listings trying to weed out scams. You can even join freelance bidding sites where you compete with a million other, sometimes, not-so-good writers for an opportunity and then watch your low pay decimated by myriad fees.

Or you can find better alternatives.

While some freelancers do make a good living on sites like Upwork,, Guru, etc., the reality is that a majority of freelancers on those sites are treading water.


  •      It’s a race to the bottom with jobs mainly awarded to the lowest bids
  •      The amount of fees you have to pay on your hard-earned cash is staggering
  •      Bidding competition is stiff
  •      You might not break even given your freelance costs

Think about your expenses, e.g. the cost of an internet connection, health insurance, electricity, and other incidentals. Then look at the median bids on those sites and consider if you can comfortably live on that and cover your expenses.

Freelancing is a business. Businesses survive on cash flow. They also need to make a profit. As you consider any freelance writing job as a beginner, keep that in mind. You deserve to be paid a fair wage for your skill, work, and time.

Here are some alternative platforms where you can find freelance writing jobs for beginners that pay reasonably better.

BloggingPro job board

This is a job board where you can find writing and blogging and opportunities that match your interests. Whether you write about style, travel, health, pets, or agriculture, here you will discover better-paying opportunities and a steady stream of employers looking for writers versed in different topics.

Journalism jobs

While mainly focused on journalism-related jobs, you can still find freelance writing jobs for beginners on this platform. You don’t necessarily have to be a qualified journalist to land a job. The platform also features editing positions, copywriting, advert writing among other listings. Some jobs require physical presence while others are entirely remote.


As the name suggests, Flexjobs is a platform where you can find flexible jobs in different categories. You can create a custom job search that targets your niche and fits your criteria and then narrow down the positions to those that match your level. It’s also possible to set alerts so that you get a notification each time a job matching your criteria is listed.

Morning coffee newsletter

Want to save yourself the time of scouring the internet looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners? Sign up for the morning coffee newsletter. You’ll get a free compendium email with freelance writing and editing jobs of different kinds from around the interwebs that offer competitive pay rates. Just open your email in the morning and look at what fits your skills and interests.

ProBlogger job board

The ProBlogger Job board created by Darren Rowse is one of the most respected blogging job boards. It offers excellent writing opportunities for experts and beginners alike. Given its high profile in the blogging world, the jobs posted here tend to come from credible and sometimes, big-time blogs. Spend your time going through the listings to find freelance writing jobs for beginners that fit your skill level and experience.

LinkedIn jobs

We’ve talked about using LinkedIn to land better freelance clients. Go a step further and use your LinkedIn profile to network, ask for referrals, and even check out the job section for opportunities that match your interests.

While many of the gigs might be location-based, it doesn’t hurt reaching out to the potential employer to check if they’d be interested in working with you remotely in the interim, or even permanently.

You’ll only land the client if you ask 🙂


Contently is one of the biggest platforms that brings together freelancers and premium clients. It currently boasts 45,000+ professionals in over 55+ countries with some of the biggest brands using it to source writers. Contently, as the name suggests, it is mainly geared towards content writing jobs. Simply sign up, fill out your profile, and the platform automatically matches you to clients that might need your services.

Be a freelance blogger job board

Curated by renowned author and blogger Sophie Lizard, this community forum board features a place where writers and clients can post scoops on work opportunities. The opportunities must pay at least $50 per post making it an ideal place to get sustainable freelance writing jobs for beginners.


Cloudpeeps seeks to connect qualified freelancers with clients that value them and give freelancers the freedom to work the way they want. The platform isn’t just for freelance writers. It also features job opportunities for social media marketers, virtual assistants, web designers etc. With a recommended starting hourly rate of about $40, it’s a great place to start as a beginner or expert.

Cold pitching

Not all freelance opportunities come through job boards and platforms. Sometimes you have to take the initiative and pitch your services to potential clients. You can quote and agree on a figure that works for both of you. Focus on the value you can offer your clients when pitching.

Final thoughts

Your time is the most valuable thing you can spend. Use it wisely.

Ditch the bidding wars, expand your search, and find a freelancing gig that pays better. Find a freelance client that you’ll enjoy working with and a project you’re happy to spend your time on. The freelancing sites and platforms listed above can act as a starting point in your quest.

Please let us know other platforms or ideas you’ve used to land better freelancing gigs in the comments section below? What would you differently as a newbie freelancer?

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