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3 Awesome Typing Jobs From Home

3 Awesome Typing Jobs From Home

You can earn some extra income working typing jobs from home. It might not be a livable wage, but it’ll be a foot in the door to other more lucrative opportunities. That said, depending on your hustle, determination, skills, and drive, you can end up making enough to live on and support your family.

Typing jobs from home can be broken down into three major categories namely:

  1. Data Entry
  2. Transcription
  3. Micro jobs

We’ll explore each let you into the secret on getting started.


Data Entry

Simply defined, it’s the job of entering data from one form or the other into a computer format. The data might be anything that needs to be entered into a spreadsheet or database or some other computer storage system.

data entry - typing jobs from home

The reality is that with advances in computing and artificial intelligence, these type of jobs are becoming fewer and far between. And in any case, I think computers probably do a better job and produce fewer errors.

Additionally, most companies and governments have gone the paperless route partly to save on costs and because it’s also better for the environment.

Most data entry jobs do not require a college education, but you’ll need excellent communication skills, attention to details, computer experience and a deeper understanding of the subject matter if you want to earn more more. The rest depends mainly on the industry.



It’s a type of typing job from home that people use interchangeably with data entry. But they are two different things.

typing jobs from home

With transcription, you type out the audio into documents. This can be anything from simple conversations, business calls, conference calls, workshops, podcasts or even meeting agendas.

Advances in computing keep taking over transcription jobs albeit at a slower pace. As humans, we do produce a lot of spoken words. It’s how we mostly communicate after all. Videos and images account for a considerable percentage of how we currently consume information. And most of the videos come with audio.

To put it simply, transcription as a typing from home job will be around for a while longer. Well, until computers catch up and get a deeper understanding of the language and the various nuances. Till then though, you can make a decent income with this type of work from home work.

Typically, no college degree is required for this type of jobs. You just need an understanding of what is being said and have the speed to type it out. The faster your typing speed the better.

You can get transcription jobs from most online gig economy platforms such as Upwork and Hub staff Talent.

Other platforms include the following:


Legitimate Transcription Websites

Scribie – This is a company that hires freelance contractors to transcribe short audio files. Work is on a first come first served basis with a requirement you finish within at least 2 hours of taking on an assignment.

QuickTate – This is another platform that hires transcribers for voice-mails messages, memos, medical files, legal files among other hosts of audio files. No college degree is required, but you have to pass a quiz and also pass a background check.

Dion Data Solutions – This is another favorite platform where you can get typing jobs from home. You must be able to type at about 60 wpm and have a stable internet connection. However, for most jobs, a college degree is not a requirement.

Other legitimate websites where you can get transcription jobs:



These are ordinarily small jobs paid on a per piece basis. For example, it could be a typing job that requires just 5 minutes of your time and pays about $2.

They are typing jobs from home that you can do at your convenience. But rarely will you make a livable income from them.

Some of the most popular in this category include:

Amazon MTurk – Once you sign up you can see the jobs, but not all of them will be typing related. You can sign up here

Click Worker – This is another favorite micro-jobs platforms where you can work typing jobs from home. Again, not all posts will be typing related. You can sign up here


Typing Jobs from Home – How Much You Can Make

You can make about $7 – $15 per hour depending on the platform, your skills and a host of other factors. That amount could be much lower and the competition a whole lot stiffer.


Wrapping it all Up

The barrier to entry for most typing jobs from home is low. And the competition is high. In all reality, you won’t just be competing with other freelance contractors but also computers. Or at least the startups working day and night to create the software to do this kind of work.

If you can find your clients and bypass the platforms altogether, you can end making more from these kinds of typing jobs from home. As I mentioned at the beginning, a lot boils down to your hustle and your ability to sniff out companies or individuals that require this kind of work.


Final Thoughts

Typing jobs from home can be a way of getting your foot in the freelancing door. But I wouldn’t advise that you stick there long. (Well, unless you want to or it’s already working for you). The poor pay, stiff competition and the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, these kind of jobs become difficult to land.

A lot depends on your skills and time constraints. Our advice would be to invest your time in something that will not only make you more but also something that the machines won’t take over too soon. If you can get into freelance writing for example or programming or even proofreading, I think you’ll have a better shot.

And as with everything, the time to start building the bridge is not when then floods have already come; it’s when the sun is still shining.

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