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5 Best Apps for Seniors & Baby Boomers

5 Best Apps for Seniors & Baby Boomers

Seniors have found that technology improves their quality of life. As such, today we want to discuss the absolute best apps for seniors and baby boomers.


The right mix of apps for seniors on their smartphones or tablet promotes significant lifestyle improvements.

Baby boomers don’t always get the credit from the younger generation for being tech savvy. Yet research clearly indicates that they have embraced technology.

According to one PEW research, 58% of people ages 65 and older use the internet. And more that 27% of this generation own a smartphone.

Retirees can use smartphone apps to keep in touch with family and friends, manage their health, and keep updated on local and international news.

Technology also allows them to easily organize their travel arrangements, keep their minds engaged and entertained, plus a host of other benefits.

Today we explore the top five best apps for seniors, retirees, and baby boomers that they can use to improve their quality of life.

Best Apps for Seniors #1: Skype

5 Best Apps for Retirees & Baby Boomers

Skype changed the way we keep in touch forever.

With the tap of a button seniors with this app installed on their smartphones or tablets can talk face-to-face with children and grandkids miles away.

There are no more excuses for missing the milestones in your friends and family lives. Skype is low cost and supports voice calls and texting as well.

Best Apps for Seniors #2: Mint

Worried about your finances in retirement? Install Mint.

It is hands-down one of the best apps for seniors.

The Mint app lets you manage money in one convenient place. Set alerts for bills and other financial obligations.

Mint also comes with activity alerts to prevent the financial abuse prevalent for this generation. CDC estimates that as many as 500,000 cases of financial abuse and scams affect seniors and others of the older generation.

With Mint, you can get alerts inreal-timee and mitigate against the abuse or at least get someone to look at the suspicious activity.

Best Apps for Seniors #3: Medisafe


Health issues are a leading concern among retirees and people in the older generation.

According to one research study by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, Americans ages 65 – 75 get an average of 27 prescriptions per year.

Keeping track of the dosage and times can get daunting even for people with lower prescriptions and no problems with memory loss related problems.

Medisafe is a pill reminder app for the smartphone with pleasant visual touches which display the pill one is supposed to take and at what times. Additionally, it can send alerts to a caregiver or family member if you miss a dose.

Best Apps for Seniors #4: SkyScanner

Retirement is a time to kick back, relax and enjoy life. And travel is one way retirees choose to do just that.

Skyscanner is an app that makes it easy to quickly search for, compare and book flights and hotels. It simplifies the logistics and hectic planning that go into making a trip successful.

Whether you are traveling alone or you want to surprise your kids with a dream vacation, SkyScanner has you covered.

It also features customizable searches to make finding that flight to your dream destination much easier. Just don’t get too trigger happy with the cheap deals on flights!

Best Apps for Seniors #5: Kindle & Audible

Apps for Seniors - Kindle & Audible

Even in retirement, one has to keep their brains sharp.

Reading accomplishes just that and has the added advantage of keep Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related problems at bay.

The Kindle is not only a physical device on its own but comes as an app for the smartphone. With it, you have access to a plethora of reading resources.

Best of all, it has accessibility features like enlarged text and the ability to adjust screen brightness.

If you have sight problems or prefer to listen to your books instead, Audible is the perfect app for you. It features more that 180,000 titles you can select from for your enjoyment.

Bottom line, with these best apps for seniors, retirees and baby boomers can improve the quality of their lives and achieve more independence and autonomy.

Happy retirement!


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