The Casual Capitalist

Financial Independence, the Casual Way

At The Casual Capitalist, we want to have our cake and eat it too.  Or more accurately, have our money and spend it too.

Financial Independence is meant to improve your life and if you have to live like a hermit and eat boiled hot dogs every day for 20 years to achieve it, is it really worth it?

We beleive that there’s a more simple way and that it’s made possible by increasing your earning potential, common sense budgeting and passive investing.



Mike casual capitalist


Mike got his start teaching English in Taiwan which eventually led to starting a few E-Commerce businesses.  After selling his main business and “FIRING” himself in 2022, he has been pursuing F.I.R.E and is somewhere between LeanFIRE, ExpatFIRE and CoastFIRE (depending on the day).

Glenn Carter


Glenn is a family man, investor, and full-time employee (in that order) who makes side income through various sharing economy platforms, real estate, and small businesses. He takes his income production seriously, well, casually. Glenn has been making serious money, casually, for years and wishes to help others do the same.

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