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Airbnb Alternatives: How Home-Sharers Benefit from Multiple Listings

Airbnb Alternatives: How Home-Sharers Benefit from Multiple Listings

Today we have an awesome guest post from the good folks over at Short Term Stays, a home-sharing management company. They discuss the benefits of listing your property on multiple home-sharing websites, a process we love and refer to as platform stacking. As you’ll see, are so many options out there that are Airbnb alternatives. We love this stuff, and thanks to the people at Short Term Stays for sharing their advice with the Casual Capitalist community. Enjoy!


Airbnb has changed the world in ways we can’t even fathom at times. Even though it changed the hospitality industry through revolutionizing the way people travel, experience and vacation, it’s definitely not the only website that you can utilize to achieve the ultimate number of bookings as well as high revenues.

Airbnb Alternatives

Monogamy in relationships is great, however, when it comes to listing a rental property, it might not be the wisest choice to list on one website. Whether it’s an entire apartment, a shared room or even a private room, there’s no telling how much you can achieve if you decide to list your property on several channels.

Airbnb Alternatives: Why multiple websites?

Sure, some of you may think that if it’s working out for you, and you’re satisfied with your income from listing on only one website, you shouldn’t create additional work for yourself. The fact is, listing on multiple websites can be tricky, because it requires more dedication and responsibility. However, if you really want to increase your bookings along with revenues, and immerse yourself completely in the hosting world, then listing on multiple websites should be your next step.

What if managing your calendars, communication with potential guests and collecting payments wasn’t so difficult. What if the whole process was somehow simplified? And if it actually is possible, what are the main benefits you can reap by taking this step?

More Bookings, Less Effort

People always ask how to make money with Airbnb or where can Airbnb hosts make the most money. And, this question always leads to the necessity of becoming a good host. The better you are as a host, the better your reviews will be, and ultimately you’ll have a calendar that’s booked solid!

And although this is true, the fact is, you have to use everything that is at your disposal to get your listing seen by as many potential guests as possible. You can do this by listing your property on more sites. When you do this, you get seen by more customers because not all guests turn to only Airbnb for accommodation.

There are Airbnb alternatives out there, and you need to be made aware of them. Multiple listings will ultimately lead to more bookings in a shorter period of time.

Maximum Profit, No Additional Cost

It’s obvious that when you get more bookings, you’re getting more money. However, another benefit of listing on multiple sites is how you achieve high revenues. In essence, it’s not just about getting a booking, it’s about having a strategy that will get you the highest number of bookings at the best rate.

You’re able to leverage pricing strategies depending on where your listing is. This means you can list a lower price on the website of your choice, and put a higher price on another website to maximize your profit.

Short Term Stays is dedicated to achieving these results and helping hosts get these benefits in the simplest way possible. Because we know from firsthand experience what it is to be an Airbnb host. We strive to achieve high revenues while maintaining an updated calendar, pricing fluctuations, and communication with guests.

So what are some of the main revenue channels for your short-term rental? Here are some of the most popular platforms that our clients often turn to. The best part is that each of these sites caters to a different renter market.

Airbnb Alternatives: Main revenue channels

Short Term Stays offers over 30 rental platforms to our clients, including Holiday Lettings,, Agoda, WIMDU, Travelocity, House Trip and many others. But, here are some of the most prominent one’s that are most popular among hosts. offers 900,000 properties all around the world, which includes 400,000 vacation rentals. It includes country houses, villas, luxury resorts, bed and breakfast rentals, lodges, homestays and much more. has made the process of booking online more efficient and smooth. Many rental listing sites, for safety reasons, force one-on-one communication with property owners, but sometimes this can be quite a hassle, especially for last-minute bookings.

Instantly confirmable reservations is definitely an asset of This is great both for guests and hosts who are super-busy and want the entire process of booking to go quickly and smoothly. Therefore, if you’re a host targeting business people that need to make last-minute and reservations, this might be a better platform for you.


The company’s motto says a lot about them: “The whole house. The whole family. A whole vacation.”

So, if you’re in the business of renting out a vacation home or an entire apartment that you just purchased for the purpose of renting out, Expedia might soon become a better alternative. Those who offer travelers nightly, weekly or monthly accommodation will find Expedia an interesting opportunity.

Those who love to book a traditional type of accommodation, as well as people who love their privacy, and don’t really yearn for an exciting, adventurous local experience, will probably find more suitable listings on Expedia. Therefore, hosts who are targeting this kind of an audience might get more bookings by sharing their property on Expedia.


Flipkey is similar to Airbnb. It allows property owners to list their properties on their website for a fee. The goals of the company are to provide a safe and easy booking process for their hosts, and enable them to feel the comfort of home while traveling.

An idea not too much different from Airbnb’s, however if you’re not into listing shared rooms only entire properties or private rooms, you might find this website a better match. Listing and joining the community is free, because it works on the principle of pay per booking.

With the above sites, all you need to do is submit your property details and set your rates. A short-term rental property manager like Short Term Stays can do the rest for you. This includes getting you more bookings, marketing and listing your rental property on other websites, updating your calendar, and collecting payments. The future is all about taking advantage of the opportunities that you have, so why not get a bigger return on your investment if you can?

The future is all about taking advantage of the opportunities that you have, so why not get a bigger return on your investment with multiple revenue streams or a management company?

Snezana Krdzic – Content Manager, Short Term Stays