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Author: Charlene Ioanidis

A guide to becoming a freelance video editor

A great benefit freelance video editors have over freelance cinematographers is the possibility of remote work. Whereas directors must be on set, an editor can work from any location. This raises the number of available jobs by an insane amount. The other bonus? People always seem to be looking for an editor, no matter how many editors there are. The reason for that is most people these days can shoot a video of some sorts, even if video is not their field, but editing is foreign to them. That is where they bring in a new pair of hands (and...

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Even more things for freelance filmmakers to keep in their toolbox

So, you’re a freelance filmmaker. What’s your specialty? Whether it’s directing, cinematography or sound, you still need to be prepared for anything that might come up. Pulling through is what gives your client a good impression. Last week our list covered all those things that you will always use on set, no matter your position or type of shoot. This week we take a look at those items that will be a lifesaver for each department. Add the ones you will need to your kit. Cinematography When handling the lights and camera on set, you will have specific needs....

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11 things every freelance filmmaker should keep in their toolbox

  Being a freelance filmmaker means you have to be prepared at all times in order to maintain your professional image. Getting hired as a film or video maker can be tough, but you can impress your clients by the way you handle yourself and your team on set. I’m guessing you work with a small, perhaps rather inexperienced crew, if any. You probably hold more than one position on set and keeping everything from falling apart is a real struggle. Keeping your client happy can be challenging, but having certain tools handy at all times will help. I’m...

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