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Author: Glenn

Top 17 tips for uber drivers

Uber is one of the most viral, controversial, amazing, innovative, and terrible companies of our generation. Well, it depends on who you speak to. We like to believe Uber is at the sharp end of the spear of a tectonic shift that is happening in modern day economics, and here at the Casual Capitalist, we have always argued that the sharing economy is here to stay. The amount of overwhelming evidence keeps piling on with companies like Uber, Lyft, but also Airbnb, or DogVacay, bringing more money into the pockets of me and you, away from giant conglomerates. Those who...

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Online Tutoring Jobs: Your Guide To Wyzant, Udemy, and More

“A self-taught man usually has a poor teacher and a worse student.” – Henny Youngman Henry “Henny” Youngman was an American comedian famous for his one-liners. But, as a master violinist, Henny also understood the value of good instruction. And so do we. Although, things have changed a bit since the 1930’s when Henny released his hit single “Take my wife, please.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had the best experience with my teachers. I think the feeling was mutual. I remember asking Mr. Mack, my geography teacher, if you could see the names of continents...

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Raising Your Freelance Rates and Managing Tough Clients

Not having a boss – especially an incompetent one – breathing down your neck all the time is definitely one of the top perks of being a freelancer. But this doesn’t mean life as an independent worker doesn’t have its difficulties. On the contrary. Less like this…  Sometimes feels like this…  Our goal today, is to make your life more like the top picture. Ready to get started? As opposed to having a traditional job, freelancing entails collaborating with different clients on several projects. Usually at the same time. And this is not a problem in itself. By no means. It’s just that you’re coming...

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How to Manage and Keep Freelance Clients

Communication, communication, communication. In fact, if I had just 5 seconds to live and I was to reveal to you the secret to managing clients as a freelancer, it would simply be: Learn how to communicate properly.  …OK, I’m still here, so let’s unpack this a little more. If you have good communication skills – and your clients have them too – you will have little to no trouble in your career as a freelancer. This includes being straightforward when deciding the terms and pricing of a contract. What exactly do your rates include? What don’t they include? What can the client expect as...

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Finding Your First Freelancing Client, and Keeping Them

There’s a lot more to being a freelancer than waking up at 10AM every day, making a hearty breakfast, brewing some good coffee, and typing your way to success on your laptop while you’re still in your pajamas.…Not! In fact, since becoming a freelancer I’ve woken up earlier than I have ever before. Why? Because my fate is in my own hands. Waking up even one hour earlier gives me an extra 5 hours per week. Think of how productive you could be with an extra 5 hours! But, as easy as it sounds sometimes, things don’t always go that...

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