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Author: Glenn

How to Become an UberEATS Driver Today and Start Earning

On-demand delivery platforms have exploded over the past few years. We have seen Postmates, Deliveroo, Foodora, and of course, Uber has thrown its hat into the ring. It’s easy to understand why. Globally, the market for food delivery is about $110 billion. The vast majority of this, 90 percent to exact, is your traditional forms of delivery. However, there is a growing consumer interest to order in non-traditional ways; mainly through mobile phones. This is why we’ve seen five startups in the food delivery space already valued at over $1 billion, including Uber’s version. UberEATS is an on-demand food...

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Freelancing is Booming: Here’s How and Why

In today’s article, we will be discussing why so many people are choosing to freelance as a flexible career. This is part of a larger series of articles on how to become an effective and profitable freelancer. Our ultimate goal is to help you increase your financial flexibility in life and help new freelancers attract more clients. If you’d like to digest all of these articles at once, stay tuned for our comprehensive eBook that contains all the material in one easily accessible format. Happy freelancing everyone! Ah, the life of a freelancer! A few years back people would laugh when I told...

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Go Look At Stuff – Make Money Being Someone Else’s Eyes!

  Here at the Casual Capitalist we’re always on the lookout for income opportunities in the sharing economy. Today we are going to bring to you four special opportunities to make money looking at stuff, starting with WeGoLook. Although the platforms below fall into the tasking category of the sharing economy, they are unique. All three allow for some form of specialized tasking. This includes asset inspections in the case of WeGoLook, and retail and market research for Field Agent and GigWalk. Why are platforms like WeGoLook becoming so popular? Meet Jack In 2013, Jack retired from being a...

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Modern Investing: Beginners Guide To Flipping Websites For Profit

You know you should invest. Usually, whenever people start thinking about investing their money they typically think about traditional investing strategies, like the stock market or real estate.Most people want to retire early, build a passive income portfolio by putting up their cash and time up front, and get rich fast.It’s understandable. Those plans sound great, right?Too bad that when it comes to investing, nothing is really that straightforward.For most people dabbling in investing, using the buy low and sell high model simply won’t work.If you want to invest in something, why not focus on investing in something that you can...

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Look More Professional As A Freelancer With These 5 Tips

By: Maggie Aland – Staff Writer at Fit Small Business, Many small business owners utilize freelancers. Businesses, regardless of industry, are always looking for writers, marketers, programmers, designers, accountants, and more — all of whom they can hire on a contractual basis. The freelance economy is booming as it offers more freedom and flexibility than having a full-time career path. However, freelancing can be quite challenging especially if you are in a very competitive field. That’s why you have to make sure that you stand out among other freelancers. You can do this by looking more valuable and professional. Here are...

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