Author: Simon Elstad

Invaluable Marketing Skills Every Freelancer Needs

Marketing is a core function in every business. It’s how you attract clients, convert them into paying customers and later into promoters of your freelance business. Whether you’re promoting your freelance business or marketing a client’s product, you need specific vital skills to succeed. Here are the most in-demand marketing skills that will take your freelance business to a higher, more profitable level. Writing Whether you’re putting together proposals or responding to client emails, solid writing skills set you apart from the competition. Writing forms a core mode of communication in most businesses. Clear, concise and error-free writing gets...

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8 effective strategies to grow your savings

Money. Most of us could do with more of it. Some people need a total makeover to salvage their financial situation. Money won’t buy you happiness or answer life’s big questions like what your purpose is, but at least you can feed your family and keep a roof over your head as you figure those out. Most of us, unfortunately, never seem to have enough of it. In fact, according to one survey, 6 out of 10 Americans can’t afford an emergency that requires $500! Today we discuss the top tips to save money, but before we even get...

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7 lousy habits ruining your growth as a freelancer

Freelancing is famous for its boom and bust cycles. Sometimes you are rolling in dough, other times you can barely put food on the table. Part of it cyclical. For example, during summer or holiday months work can be slow for some freelancers. Often times, it’s the freelancer’s fault. Along the way, we develop horrible habits that curtail our growth and keep us in the feed-starve cycle. Today we’ll explore some of these bad habits that hamper your growth and offer pointers on how you can shake them off and build a flourishing freelance career. Poor time management skills...

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10 online gold mines to find freelance writing jobs for beginners

Freelance writing jobs for beginners aren’t a pipe dream. They exist. Am not talking about low paying, soul-sucking jobs that leave you with a tangy taste in your mouth. These are writing opportunities that can help you put food on the table, take care of your family, and thrive as a freelancer doing what you love. Finding such a job can seem like a daunting task to a beginner. You have to wade through hundreds of listings trying to weed out scams. You can even join freelance bidding sites where you compete with a million other, sometimes, not-so-good writers...

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7 uncommon social media tips to help freelancers land better clients

With over two billion active users on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn alone, social media is a goldmine for freelancers to land dream clients. 37% of employers use social media in the hiring process, and HR departments check out potential employees on social platforms. Social media can also be a time-sink where you waste your most productive hours and reap nothing in return. You know how it goes. You click on one funny cat meme and the next thing you know it’s bedtime, and you haven’t done a thing! The endless stream of updates, tweets and snappy photos is not...

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