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Author: Simon Elstad

What is a freelance writer? Everything you need to know

The term “writer” gets thrown around quite a lot. The internet has made writers out of most if not all of us. Think about all the emails we send, the memos, the texts, status updates, chat messages and everything in between. Oh, don’t even get me started on emoji. Heck, there is a whole movie just for that 🙂 Then comes freelance writing. And it begs the question, what is a freelance writer anyway?   We’ve covered how to become a freelance writer in 24hrs or less, and even how to get freelance writing clients or grow your freelance...

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How to get consulting clients fast

Let’s get one thing straight, consulting is not for the faint of heart. You sell one thing, and that’s knowledge. You need to know your stuff. Otherwise, clients won’t trust you. If clients don’t trust you as an expert in your field, they won’t refer to their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Consulting can also be rewarding both financially and career-wise. You help people and businesses solve problems. You get to see the smile on their faces when they succeed. They write you big, fat checks. They open their networks to you. Success is no longer a pipe dream. By...

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Online Jobs That Pay: Top 50 Freelancing Jobs

  Nowadays, you can do almost anything online. You want coffee, order it online. Pizza, check Yelp reviews, order online. Banking, just log into your bank account page from the comfort of your living room. Or be the bank for a change. All from wherever you are. The internet has revolutionized the way we work. Freelancing seems like the “in thing.” According to some estimates, freelancers today represent more than 35% of the workforce. It has also given rise to a slew of jobs that you can do purely online. All you need is a computer, or a phone...

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3 of My Favorite Online Income Sources

Success in your work from home business means diversifying your income sources to smooth out freelancing work One income source has been by far the most popular I’ve seen for starting a work from home business. Few other sources of online income pay as well as contracting your talents out on a pay-per-service basis. Most of the bloggers I know make more freelancing than from their blog or did so in the first few years of blogging. That’s why I loved reading a recent article about taking that next step freelancing to replace your day job. Getting the math...

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Alternative Investing Series: ATM Investing – A Beginner’s Guide

An ATM provides unparalleled convenience to consumers. We can conduct our businesses without ever stepping into a bank hall. Convenience. We love it. We live in an age of instant gratification. You want something; you get it. We want things now, now & now! And all those things – well, most of them anyway cost money. This is what we tackle today: Cash. Am specifically talking about ATM’s – Automated Teller Machines. Those monsters you feed a card, and they spit out cash. You probably used one today. Or you passed by one. There are everywhere. Because we like...

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