Author: Simon Elstad

What is the Best Career For Me?

The Merriam Webster dictionary has two critical definitions of a career: (i) a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life (ii) a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling That still doesn’t answer that nagging question: what is the best career for me?   Top 5 Questions to Consider in Deciding the Best Career What excites and energizes you? Are there unconventional careers careers you can explore? What are your gifts, passions and values? Is there a test you can take to narrow it down?...

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3 Awesome Typing Jobs From Home

You can earn some extra income working typing jobs from home. It might not be a livable wage, but it’ll be a foot in the door to other more lucrative opportunities. That said, depending on your hustle, determination, skills, and drive, you can end up making enough to live on and support your family. Typing jobs from home can be broken down into three major categories namely: Data Entry Transcription Micro jobs We’ll explore each let you into the secret on getting started.   Data Entry Simply defined, it’s the job of entering data from one form or the...

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Casual Wisdom for the New Year

It’s that time of the year where we look back, reflect on where we have come from and where we are going. Some set goals, others don’t. Some update their vision boards; others don’t. Others come up with intentions. Every one of us has something that we do when the year draws to a close. Here at The Casual Capitalist, we keep things…eerr casual. We try to simplify things as much as possible. For there is beauty and happiness in simplicity. Every day we are bombarded with information. Do this, buy this, don’t do this, do that other thing....

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Are There Easy Online Jobs? Yes, and Here are Five

Easy online jobs are a real thing, and an increasing number of companies are relying on a remote workforce. This is good news for anyone who wants to earn an additional income on the side or who wants to work from home so they spend more time with their family. Finding a good online job is easier than you think. Here is what you need to know about these gigs and five jobs you can apply for right now. History of Online Jobs Surprisingly, working from home is an idea that dates back to the 17th century. Workers would...

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The Best Online Jobs for College Students

College is expensive. That’s no secret. Even with student aid and scholarships, tuition can go above $40000 a year leaving most students with a tonne of debt. So what’s a savvy casual capitalist college student to do? Pick up one of these online jobs for college students to help offset your costs. And the best part, you can do them online in your spare time. So grab your computer, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to work!   Best Online Jobs for College Students   1. Freelance Writer & Editor Starting Pay: Varies. $50+ per article You can...

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