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Casual Capitalism: What You Need To Know

Casual Capitalism: What You Need To Know

Welcome to the Casual Capitalist Community! As a newly minted Casual Capitalist you will be privy to several truths about income production, personal finance, and investments. The truth is, almost everything you do now can produce income. You just need to discover and leverage certain tools.

The Casual Capitalist

You might be wondering exactly what we mean by the term ‘Casual Capitalist.’ It is actually quite simple, and it has nothing to do with lounge chairs. A Casual Capitalist has been termed a number of things over the years: chicken entrepreneur, moonlighter, freelancer, among others.

the casual capitalist boss


A Casual Capitalist is someone who gets bored in their day-to-day lives and decides to do something about it. A Casual Capitalist seeks out income generating opportunities outside of their full-time employment. A Casual Capitalist gathers and digests information. A Casual Capitalist wants to make their lives better, as well as those around them, by creating financial stability.

A Casual Capitalist is willing to try new income generating strategies. A Casual Capitalist takes actions. A Casual Capitalist digests information, like you are doing now, and develops specific action plans. A Casual Capitalist understands that you cannot get rich quickly. A Casual Capitalist is casual in looking for income streams, because they understand the commitments of everyday life: family, work, friends, and so on.

Most importantly, as a Casual Capitalist, you understand that you do not have to complete this endeavor alone. The Casual Capitalist Series and Community are here to help you along the way. We are mentors, peers, and sharers. Stay tuned for more on this.

The blog posts and resources offered on this website will enable you to achieve more flexibility in your life. Many other books, resources, and proven income systems will be unveiled over the coming months and years, so please stay tuned. The ultimate goal of the Casual Capitalist Series is to provide a large toolbox of income strategies that you can tap into at your leisure.

What we will create is a community of entrepreneurs who have implemented and succeeded in many business endeavors. Gradually, the Casual Capitalist Community will take shape and act as networking tool in your toolbox of income strategies.

Secrets of the Sharing Economy

Casual Capitalism - secrets of the sharing economy

The first tool you will need in your toolbox is a hammer, a blunt force tool. In this sense, the ebook series Secrets of the Sharing Economy acts as your hammer. The two nails we will work on are consumer debt and anxiety. These are the two most significant impediments in your life right now: your consumer debt and your aversion to “getting out there” and starting small businesses.

By using the sharing economy as your playground, we will help you eliminate your consumer debt, allowing you move on to bigger and better income strategies.

After you create other streams of income, the lingering obligation of consumer debt can be easily eliminated.

Second, most people think about starting businesses on the side, but they never take action. This anxiety is fueled by fear: the fear of losing, the fear of embarrassment, and most importantly, the fear of failure. Ask any successful businessperson for one piece of advice for would-be entrepreneurs. The vast majority say the same thing: “Don’t be afraid to fail.” This is the subject of many business books, it’s very simple.

Failure leads to learning, which leads to success. Failure should be embraced, like your strange brother-in-law at a family barbecue. Keep that in mind as we progress. The sharing economy is a safe way to get your feet wet by starting your first small business. So let’s get started.

Stay Tuned!


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