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5 Easy Ways To Get Started In The Sharing Economy

5 Easy Ways To Get Started In The Sharing Economy


If I had a dime for every time I heard “hey Glenn, how can I get started in the sharing economy?”, well, I’d have a shitload of dimes.

This is actually a great question because the sharing economy can be an overwhelming topic when you’re first getting started.

We’ve covered a lot of material here, but sometimes slowing down and providing some sharing economy 101 is a good thing. So that’s our goal today, an outline of the sharing economy for beginners. Specifically, five easy ways you can get today. Let’s go!

Get Started in the Sharing Economy Tip #1 – Get Educated

get educated

In my first book, I outlined the merits of the 10-10-80 rule. This guidance states that when starting in any endeavor, sharing economy or otherwise, you should dedicate 10% of your time to knowledge acquisition, 10% to planning, and leave 80% of your time to take action.

So by reading this you’re well on your way to achieving that first 10%. But you need to do more. Check out other websites related to the sharing economy, such as Peers, People Who Share, or platform specific blogs like The Rideshare Guy, or Get Paid For Your Pad.

You can also search amazon for the keyword “sharing economy”. There’s a number of reasonably priced resources to prime you for success in the sharing economy.

Get Started in the Sharing Economy Tip #2 – Get Involved

Find out where your particular city is in terms of sharing economy regulations. An easy way to do this is search Google for your city’s name, but add keywords Uber or Airbnb. This will give you the pulse on where your municipal government stands on these new business models.

Because not all municipalities treat the sharing economy with favor, unfortunately. Whether they like it or not, the sharing economy is good for them. If you get a chance, get involved and inform your municipal councilor or equivalent of the sharing economy’s merits.

Another great way to get involved in to become a user of various platforms. Next time you need a ride somewhere, take an Uber. The next time you want to book a hotel, book an Airbnb instead. Need handyman or yard work, check out TaskRabbit.

Become a user in the sharing economy to get acquainted with how this new economic engine works. This was the second best advice I ever received when I was getting started in the sharing economy.

Get Started in the Sharing Economy Tip #3 – Get Networking


By far, the best tip for getting started in the sharing economy is speaking with current sellers.

After following tip #2 and becoming a user, make it a point of reaching out to, and speaking with current sellers. Talk your Uber driver’s ear off about their challenges and your local regulations. Make it a point of cornering your TaskRabbit tasker and asking them about their experiences.

The point is, the best source of information on how to get going in the sharing economy is the current sellers themselves. After all, these will soon be your colleagues.

Get Started in the Sharing Economy Tip #4 – Take The Quiz

Here at the Casual Capitalist, the most popular resource available to our members is the sharing economy quiz. This easy-to-use questionnaire will only take you two minutes. Based on your answers, the quiz will provide you with advice on which specific platform best suits your lifestyle.

Get Started in the Sharing Economy Tip #5 – Pick Your Platform

Alright, by now you should have a good idea of which platform you want to get started with. Once you’ve picked a platform, do your research (remember that 10%?) on that specific platform. Read books on Airbnb, take an Uber-specific course, or check out some of our free resources here on the Casual Capitalist.

After following the above advice, you should have a good idea of how to get started in the sharing economy. Now, remember that 80% we spoke of above? Get out there and do it! Take action, and please share this article.

Happy sharing everyone!


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