Make Extra Money in the Sharing Economy – Resources

Let’s help you get started in the sharing economy and make extra money!

Here at the Casual Capitalist we are committed to giving you the best tools at the lowest cost (hopefully free!) to help you start living a more flexible lifestyle. Because we have been busy writing about how you can make money in the sharing economy specifically, we have not fully developed a resources page we are truly proud of.

That said, below are a few resources to help you make extra money in the sharing economy. Stay tuned for more, and keep in touch if we are missing something you think is worthwhile.

Make Extra Money in the Sharing Economy: The 4 Hour Step-By-Step Sharing Economy Launch Plan

Step 1 – Find out which sharing economy platforms are best for your lifestyle – Take The Quiz

Step 2 – Uncover your income potential with our free sharing economy calculator

Step 3 – Download your free eBook – Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 1

Step 4 – Learn About The Sharing Economy And Income Potential

Step 5 – Check out if Airbnb or Uber can work for you.

Step 6 – Consider the Sharing Economy Bootcamp course on Udemy

Step 7 – Check out our most popular articles:

Great Sharing Economy Books

Other Sharing Economy Tools

Get started now and make extra money through the power of the sharing economy. What are you waiting for?