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Make Money Now with These 5 Part-Time Jobs

Make Money Now with These 5 Part-Time Jobs

You can make money now with a host of part-time jobs. Statistics indicate that more than 26 million people in the United States work part-time due to one reason or the other. Millennials are especially fond of part-time gigs since it gives them flexibility and the ability to pursue passions outside regular employment.

part time jobs

However, those aren’t the only reasons. The gig economy has opened up opportunities for regular folks to take on part-time work and earn enough to supplement their income. And let’s face it, we all could do with that extra buck!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some part-time jobs can earn workers more than $20 per hour. The beauty of it is that you can combine two or more part-time jobs and end up making more than you’d have with a regular day job while working fewer hours.


Benefits of Part-time Jobs

People opt for part-time jobs for a variety of reasons. For some it’s because they can’t secure full-time employment. For others it’s a way to create flexibility in their schedules and carve time in their schedules to spend with their families.

part time jobs benefits

You can create more time to pursue your passions while still making decent money with your part-time gig. Others switch to part-time work as a way to improve their health. It’s no secret that office life can promote a sedentary lifestyle. That coupled with the stress that comes with the jobs can lead to health issues. Part-time work is a route to a healthier lifestyle.

Other potential benefits of part-time jobs include:

  • Flexibility to pursue passions outside of regular profession
  • A way to achieve work-life balance
  • Adding variety to one’s life by seeking various opportunities
  • Better control over your work hours
  • More time to spend with family, travel or simply kick-back
  • Flexibility in the number of part-time jobs you can string together
  • A way of opening doors to new and exciting job opportunities (getting your foot in the door)
  • Reduced stress levels and better health due to more time spent exercising
  • Save on transportation costs since most part-time jobs tend to be local


Make Money Now with These Five!


Online freelancing

You can quickly make money now with online freelancing. Statistics indicate that more than 35% of the US workforce is made up of freelancers. That number is bound to grow fuelled by some of the benefits we’ve already outlined above.

online freelancing


There is just a lot you can do online nowadays. From freelance writing to helping local businesses with their marketing needs. The trick here is to look at your skills and experiences and find ways offering your expertise to people and companies online.

Check out online freelancing platforms like UpWork, HubStaff Talent, Freelancer among many others for an idea of some of the much-needed skill-sets. Alternatively, don’t use a platform at all. Go it solo. Pitch your services and products to clients directly. Start with family and friends and build your network from there.


Drive for Uber/Lyft (Ride-sharing)

What could we do without Uber? Honestly. It even makes you wonder how we’ve survived so long without such a service. Granted, taxis have always been around. There is, however, a particular convenience that comes with riding on an Uber or any other rideshare for that matter.

make money now Uber rideshare

You can make some extra cash driving for Uber, Lyft or any number of upcoming platforms. Drivers can earn anywhere from $9 to $11 an hour. A lot depends on location though and the demand for the service. Of Course in bigger towns, you stand to make more since you can get more passengers. The beauty of it is that you can do it at your preferred time even in addition to your day job.

For example, pick up passengers on your way to work in the morning and on your way back home in the evening. Just ensure you provide the best service to get a great review and continue making money on the platform.

While at it, check out some of our in-depth guides on how you can maximize your earnings with Uber and some top tools for the job, apart from the car of course 🙂


Become a Taskrabbit

“Tasking” is another great way to make money now in your local area. Let’s say you are handy with tools – you could help people with home repairs, or leaking roofs or evening just mounting their telly to the wall. Other tasks you can help with include moving, mowing lawns, etc.


TaskRabbit is best known for such tasks. However, other platforms exist that can help you secure that part-time job and supplement your income. Some of the top ones include:

Alternatively, you can explore part-time gigs from job listing sites such as, among others. You are not limited to just “handy-man” chores. You can search for part-time employment that exploits your skills and passions. So get creative with the job search.


Sales Representative

A sales rep sells or showcases products and services to companies, businesses, etc., rather than selling directly to individuals. A sales rep can earn more than $25 an hour especially when you factor in sales commissions you get on top of your wages.

sales rep - make money now

Companies are always in need for sales reps to push their products and services and some even offer the training necessary to become a master sales representative. You can work part-time hours in most cases enabling you to pursue other passions in the extra time.

Check out the typical salary, reviews, and advice on being a sales rep here. Start in your local area if you are up for the challenge. Here are a few resources to get you started.,20.htm



I ain’t kidding! You can make money now as someone’s platonic friend for a day…or two…or more. connects people who want friends for a day, say, to show them around town, or get a dinner together or just for companionship.

You can make as much as $10 an hour as someone’s friend and maybe even make a lifetime friend in the process. And to quote one Bill Wither’s song…we all could use a friend to lean on from time to time 🙂

Final Thoughts

From the “official” to the wacky, there is no shortage of opportunities to make money now with part-time jobs. Get creative and watch the dough roll in.

Let us know some of the part-time jobs you’ve had in the past and what you enjoyed or hated about them in the comments section below.


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