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Promoting your VA business through social media

Promoting your VA business through social media

One of the best ways to gain visibility for your VA business is through the use of social media. Not only is social media free but you are targeting potential clients in the places they hang out. You know all those other businesses you see on Facebook and LinkedIn? Well, many of those people need help and it’s now your job to let them know about what you offer and to build a relationship with all those potential clients.

Your website

The first thing you need is a place to showcase your expertise and to tell people about the range of services you offer. Ideally, this should be a website, even a simple landing page would do, but if you can’t stretch the budget to this yet, then create a Facebook Business Page.

Virtual Assistants differ widely in what they offer, so if you want to attract the right clients it’s super important to be clear about what you can and can’t do. You might feel that by listing dozens of skills you are going to appeal to everyone. However, prospective clients often feel overwhelmed if they have a long list of skills to read through and may end up feeling you are a jack of all trades and master of none.  

Instead, highlight your areas of strength and stick with that. Yes, you will probably learn new skills as you work with different clients and those are always handy to have in your back pocket, but stand out and shine for what you are really good at. Not only will you attract more clients, but they will be ones you have a much better experience working with.

Clear branding across platforms

You might not as yet have clear branding defined for your business, but it’s important to ensure your profile is easily recognized across the different platforms. Choose a headshot of you, as people like to see the people they are going to be working with, and use it across all your profiles. You can also create cover images on many of the platforms and the colors and wording on these should be similar so that people start to recognize your business wherever they see it.

Facebook page

Whether you have your own website or not – it’s important to create a Facebook page, as that is where you will find the largest audience. Always create a Facebook business page and don’t try to promote your business via your profile. First, this is because it is against the terms of service of Facebook to market on your profile and second – because a page gives you so many options for getting more clients.

The cover image on your Facebook page is a good place to highlight the services you offer as a VA and remember to make sure the call to action button at the top of your page either links through to your website, if you have one. If you don’t yet have a website, make sure it allows people to message you to find out more about working together. You can easily create professional looking graphs for all your social media needs by using a free tool like Canva.

The content you put out across all social media platforms should be a mix of marketing posts which tell people more about what you offer and helpful content your target audience can learn from. If you are brave enough to do a Facebook Live video, this will help you stand out as people love to ‘virtually’ meet with people they want to do business with.

Facebook groups are another great feature of the platform. If you choose groups wisely you can get known for your areas of expertise, build relationships, and ultimately get hired. Most groups have days when you can advertise your own business however it’s important not to just share and run. You need to be in the groups regularly and that’s why it’s important to focus on just a few.


Because LinkedIn is predominantly focused on business to business, it’s a great platform to connect with potential clients. When you create your profile ensure you include the services you offer in your description. This content is searchable within LinkedIn and can help you get found.

From there, build your network. Start out by connecting with anyone you know in real life and if there are previous clients of yours on the platform. Even people you have worked with at a brick and mortar business, don’t hesitate to ask them to leave you a review.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

There are a range of social media platforms you can use to connect with people. Instagram and Pinterest are great if you enjoy creating visuals. Twitter is good for building connections through conversations and YouTube is brilliant for anyone who enjoys video.

However, it’s important not to attempt to do too much at once. You are only going to have a certain amount of time each week for marketing and therefore you want to focus on 2 or 3 platforms where you have the time to build a following.

If you try to split yourself between multiple platforms you will probably find yourself not being very effective. As you build your client list and have a little budget to invest, you might want to try one of the scheduling tools like Buffer or Smarterqueue, so that your social media marketing becomes even less time-consuming.

Be consistent

Above all, it’s important to be consistent with social media. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your following be. Once you have settled on which platforms you want to invest time in you need to post to them daily if possible. You need to become visible on the platforms so you build trust in your audience. The best way to do that is to show up regularly, share helpful content, answer questions and ultimately to be social.  

As the name implies social media isn’t about selling, it’s about building a name for your business, so that when someone finds they need support they remember you as the person to turn to. If you invest in social media over the long term you will be building a strong foundation for your VA business.

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Alison Wood

Alison Wood helps people to build their digital business by focusing on three key elements – mindset, marketing and their online presence. Dividing her time between writing and providing VA Services for clients, Alison has a busy freelance life but one she loves.

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