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Retirement Jobs: 5 Awesome Sharing Economy Jobs For Seniors

Retirement Jobs: 5 Awesome Sharing Economy Jobs For Seniors

It’s not just millennials participating in the sharing economy; seniors are finding some flexible and exciting retirement jobs as well.

Sharing economy websites are digital platforms that allow people like you to make money from things you already own – such as your car, home, skills, hobbies, consumer items, and much more.

Sharing Economy Retirement Jobs By The Numbers

Research indicates that 24% of those ages 55 and older found retirement jobs in the sharing economy. And, at least 28% of this generation has used a sharing economy service.

One of the reasons is that boomers have gotten comfortable with technology: According to one PEW research, 58% of people ages 65 and older use the internet. And more that 27% of this generation own a smartphone.

Baby Boomer Technology

Numbers aside, the sharing economy affords those in retirement an avenue to bring in extra income to supplement their retirement income. And making money especially in retirement is a good idea, you don’t want to outlive your nest egg.

Sharing economy as a retirement job has other benefits for boomers such as keeping them active and fostering social connections. The opportunities are flexible, a key benefit for those in retirement.

Retirement Jobs: So What’s Available?

While there are some popular services like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb, today we explore five other services and websites that are tapping into the sharing economy for retirement jobs, especially for boomers. both as a source of potential income and assistance in retirement.

These digital platforms can be both a retirement job and source of income, as well as providing assistance in retirement.

Retirement Jobs: SilverRide


With SilverRide, seniors can enjoy fulfilling mobility at their own convenience.

It provides rides to older people who in some cases might need extra assistance. Whether going for a doctor’s appointment or picking up your grandkids from school, SilverRide has you covered.

SilverRide doesn’t stop at offering rides however, their services are tailored to be a complete package with personalized rides and a full concierge service.

SilverRide’s drivers are specially trained in geriatric physical assistance and receive instructions on First Aid to better assist riders. They accompany and engage with seniors through their excursions providing freedom, independence, and fun.

Talk about perfect retirement jobs for seniors!

Retirement Jobs: SilverNest

This is a unique roommate matching service for seniors, baby boomers, and empty nesters. SilverNest brings together those looking for roommates and those with rooms to spare in their homes.

Users can search for their ideal housemate based on their preferred criteria and SilverNest handles the verification of identities, running background checks making it easier for seniors to bring in extra income.

In terms of low-maintenance retirement jobs, SilverNest is a perfect fit. Otherwise, check out the larger home-sharing platform Airbnb if SilverNest isn’t in your area.

According to SilverNest CEO and co-founder Wendi Burkhardt, the majority of the targeted population are seniors earning less than $60,000 annually and with less than $50,000 in retirement savings.

For income supplementation, home-sharing with SilverNest if the perfect retirement job.

Retirement Jobs: Chefs for Seniors

5 Awesome Sharing Economy Websites For Seniors

Everyone has to eat, and seniors can at times face a hard time preparing their own meals. Chef for Seniors brings the chefs right into the seniors’ kitchens.

Clients select the menus and the chef brings groceries and other necessary equipment. The chefs normally cook 10 servings of meals in about two hours leaving enough to last the client a week.

Founded in 2013 by Barrett Allman, a professional chef and his son Nathan Allman of Madison Wisconsin, the service has expanded to other states, offering not only healthy meals but social connections for seniors.

Some of the chefs are retirees using the service as a flexible and profitable retirement job.

Retirement Jobs: Roommates4Boomers

The service matches homeowner women 50 and over with like-minded boomers who are looking for a place to call home.

Roommates4Boomers aim is to improve housing availability and lower the costs for this growing demographic, who at times don’t have enough saved for retirement.

Living together not only lowers the costs but also satisfies the need for security, companionship, and community necessary for a fulfilling life post retirement, especially for the boomer women, many of whom are single, divorced or widowed.

Roommates4Boomers was founded by Karen Venable in Portland, Oregon. She started the company after her divorce and having a positive experience sharing a home.

Rents range between $400 to $1000 a month depending on location. The service is available in every state except Montana and North Dakota.

Similar to SilverNest and Airbnb, Roommates4Boomers can be a low-maintenance retirement job for you.

Retirement Jobs: Seniors Helping Seniors

Launched in 1998 and based in Reading, Pennsylvania, Seniors Helping Seniors seeks to provide a way for seniors to live independently in their own homes.

This not only provides respect and dignity for seniors but freedom to live life on their own terms.

The service matches seniors who require assistance with others who can provide the support. From simple companionship and housekeeping to cooking and social activities, Seniors Helping Seniors has boomers covered with services ranging from $16 to $30 in hourly fees.

As far as retirement jobs go, helping out your fellow senior can bring social and personal fulfillment, and provide you with some extra income.


Seniors are embracing the sharing economy, not only as a way to get assistance, but as a source of profitable retirement jobs.

The older generation is ripe for technology innovation and, as you can see, startups are rising up to address this need.


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