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gig economy platforms

Top 10 Gig Economy Platforms

The Gig economy is here. Call it the “collaborative economy”, “sharing economy” or even the “new work economy”, it’s here to stay. Gig economy platforms continue to flourish driven by both technology and people’s desire for more flexibility in their work. According to a 2016 Jobvite survey, close to 20% of the adult American population […]

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The sharing economy baby boomers

The Sharing Economy for Baby Boomers: What You Need To Know

This article originally appeared on Career Pivot on June 20, 2016. Click here to learn more about Career Pivot’s founder, Marc Miller, and everything he has to offer Baby Boomers. Let’s cut to the chase. The sharing economy is here to stay, and the Baby Boomers stand to benefit most from this massive economic shift […]

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secrets of productivity

Secrets of Productivity: Kill The Phrase “I Don’t Have Time”

Everyone on this planet, including the most successful entrepreneurs, has the same amount of time in the day. It’s how we spend that time that differentiates us. Spend Your Time Wisely “I want to start doing X” or “I would love to do Y” or “I admire person A for doing B, I wish I […]

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What is the Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy Confessions: What You Need to Know About This New Profit Engine

The sharing economy has many synonyms: Tech-based capitalism, sharing marketplaces, collaborative consumption, gig economy, collaborative economy, 1099 economy, and the list goes on. Although we appreciate the complexity of this disruptive technological shift, for simplicity we will simply refer to it as the sharing economy. What is the Sharing Economy? The sharing economy is composed […]

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