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Home-Sharing Platform Stacking: How Airbnb Hosts Can Maximize Their Renter Pool

Home-sharing is the most profitable sector of the new sharing economy. People who share their homes on a regular basis earn far more money than other sectors of the sharing economy. Consider that an Uber driver has to work approximately 14 hours a week to earn $1,000 a month. Whereas, a part-time Airbnb host has […]

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Sites Like Airbnb: Tools for Airbnb Hosts to Fill Vacancies

This article outlining sites like Airbnb first appeared on Get Paid For Your Pad in early August. I love Airbnb. It’s where I got my start in the sharing economy, and it’s where thousands of Casual Capitalist community members earn serious side income. Airbnb has welcomed over 60 million guests since its founding, and is now available […]

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Airbnb Alternatives Tansler

Airbnb Alternatives: The Ultimate Home-Sharing Guide to Tansler

Disclaimer: This article is for Airbnb hosts and homeowners who rent out their primary or secondary properties on short-term rental websites. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, or are just in the decision process, I suggest you check out Rented.com’s Ultimate Guide to Vacation Home Ownership. This is a great resource for folks looking […]

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Airbnb Alternatives

Airbnb Alternatives: How Home-Sharers Benefit from Multiple Listings

Today we have an awesome guest post from the good folks over at Short Term Stays, a home-sharing management company. They discuss the benefits of listing your property on multiple home-sharing websites, a process we love and refer to as platform stacking. As you’ll see, are so many options out there that are Airbnb alternatives. […]

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