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make money looking at stuff

Go Look At Stuff – Make Money Being Someone Else’s Eyes!

  Here at the Casual Capitalist we’re always on the lookout for income opportunities in the sharing economy. Today we are going to bring to you four special opportunities to make money looking at stuff, starting with WeGoLook. Although the platforms below fall into the tasking category of the sharing economy, they are unique. All […]

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How To Cash In and Kill It on TaskRabbit

Sharing economy tasking services such as TaskRabbit, AskForTask, and AirTasker, pay people to complete the to-do lists of others. This includes assembling furniture, fixing anything, yard work, cleaning, painting, groceries, professional services, virtual tasks, and much much more. We’ve been asked many times here at the Casual Capitalist the types of jobs people can do […]

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