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Home-Sharing Platform Stacking: How Airbnb Hosts Can Maximize Their Renter Pool

Home-sharing is the most profitable sector of the new sharing economy. People who share their homes on a regular basis earn far more money than other sectors of the sharing economy. Consider that an Uber driver has to work approximately 14 hours a week to earn $1,000 a month. Whereas, a part-time Airbnb host has […]

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Airbnb Alternatives Tansler

Airbnb Alternatives: The Ultimate Home-Sharing Guide to Tansler

Disclaimer: This article is for Airbnb hosts and homeowners who rent out their primary or secondary properties on short-term rental websites. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, or are just in the decision process, I suggest you check out Rented.com’s Ultimate Guide to Vacation Home Ownership. This is a great resource for folks looking […]

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