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Uber Surge Pricing Explained

The Idea Behind Uber Surge Pricing

As an Uber rider, Uber surge pricing can seem complicated and frustrating at times. But there is a logical idea behind this seemingly complex calculation. Uber surge pricing is a simple concept: An algorithm pinpoints areas of high demand where riders outnumber drivers. Uber then increases prices, and drivers are enticed to those neighborhoods. Demand […]

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Uber Etiquette

Uber Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

I remember the discussions I used to have with my parents… “Glenn, don’t get in cars with strangers,” my Mom would tell me. Now, I have to explain to my daughter how to order an Uber. Oh, how far we’ve come. For new Uber drivers, it can always be tricky to navigate the ins and […]

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Uber for Baby Boomers

Uber For Baby Boomers: What You Need To Know

Uber for Baby Boomers originally appeared on Career Pivot on August 15, 2016. Click here to learn more about Career Pivot’s founder, Marc Miller, and everything he has to offer Baby Boomers. The sharing economy has taken the world by storm over the past few years. 1 in 5 Americans use it, and it will […]

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Ride-sharing Fastlane: How To Cash In And Become A Better Uber Driver

In the past we have touched on Uber and Lyft, and how you can get started with these ride-sharing platforms. We’ve also provided you with our Top 10 Uber driving tips, and a guide outlining other ways Uber drivers can make money while ride-sharing. Today is different however. This article will give you ride-sharing novices […]

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Top 10 Tips For Uber Drivers – Tip #10, No Tips!

Uber is one of the most viral, controversial, amazing, innovative, and terrible companies of our generation. Well, it depends on who you speak to. If you ask us, and a lot of people do, we believe Uber is at the sharp end of the spear of a tectonic shift that is happening in modern day […]

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Dear Uber Drivers: 3 Easy Ways To Make Money While You’re Driving

Very often we hear stories from uber drivers who tell us about how they make money while driving with Uber. We’ve decided to share some of these stories with you today. Sandy decided to start driving with Uber in January 2013. Over these three years he has earned a total of $68,400. Sandy has averaged five […]

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