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Online Jobs That Pay: Top 50 Freelancing Jobs

Online Jobs That Pay: Top 50 Freelancing Jobs


Nowadays, you can do almost anything online.

You want coffee, order it online. Pizza, check Yelp reviews, order online. Banking, just log into your bank account page from the comfort of your living room. Or be the bank for a change. All from wherever you are.

The internet has revolutionized the way we work. Freelancing seems like the “in thing.” According to some estimates, freelancers today represent more than 35% of the workforce.

It has also given rise to a slew of jobs that you can do purely online. All you need is a computer, or a phone and an internet connection and you are in business.

Scams exist. Where there’s a buck to be made, people will always find a way to eke out a living in whatever possible way. Beware of scams and research any online job before you start freelancing or give out your hard earned cash.

Online marketplaces have also cropped up to connect you with your dream job. We’ve explored some of the top freelancing platforms here. Others keep coming up.

As we change how we work and experience life, I think the laws and regulations have to keep up. They need to. Otherwise, we stare into the abyss of Pandora’s box.

Without further ado, here is a list of-of the top online jobs that pay (in no particular order).

Don’t let that stop you from trying your hand at freelancing. Sometimes you have to invent a role that fills a need and do it online.

The Online Jobs That Pay

online jobs that pay

Freelance writing

Despite the doomsayers, websites still need content. People write that content. Each day we generate more content. There is a demand for the written word, and that creates an opportunity. Check out some of the guides on freelancing writing, and how you can get started in this online job that pays.

SEO specialist

Search Engine Optimization specialists focus on getting your content ranked by search engines. Let’s face it; people rarely check the 3rd page of Google or Bing search results. As an SEO specialist, your work is to help businesses get ranked and seen by potential users.

Web designing

We all like a well-designed website. You want to find information in the simplest way possible. Humans also tend to be visual creatures. Web designers create the front ends of most sites we see on the internet. There are websites and software that help in design or give you complete website design, but humans still excel at learning and utilizing what makes people tick.

Web development

Web developers cover the spectrum of what we see on websites. From how we experience sites to the myriad technical things that go on behind delivering information to you. Since most of us find information online, web development is an online job that pays.

Data analysis

The amount of data we generate each minute is staggering. Think of all the things you have clicked on the internet since you woke up in the morning. From how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, to the weather, to your flights and anything else in between. Data analysts turn this “junk” of disparate information into something usable. Data that companies can use.

Virtual assistance

Running a business online takes a bit of work. Sometimes you need help in accomplishing some of your goals. Virtual assistants do a whole lot of things. From researching your flights to helping you with your next project. Until artificial intelligence can do a better job of it, virtual assistance is one of those online jobs that pay.

Creative writing

Creative writers come up with novels, stories, scripts and a whole host of things. From there they turn that into something that people enjoy or sold. In all honesty, we are good at creating stories, perhaps it’s time to turn that hobby into a freelancing gig.


Bookkeepers run the financial numbers that businesses and individuals generate. If you have a talent and eye for numbers, you can help people and businesses not only record but also make sense of the finances. In any case, what gets measured gets improved.

Online consulting

You can consult on a variety of things online. Online consultants help both individuals and businesses with problems. In most cases, an online consultant is someone experienced in the field. Or someone who knows the best way to do something.


Small businesses require the services of accountants to keep their numbers in check. An accountant also helps with things like tax, business strategy, and other things. Accounting is the language of business. There is a need to make sense of those numbers. If you are qualified, this is one of the online jobs that pay and that companies still require.


self publishing - online jobs that pay

The days of waiting for your manuscript to go through countless editors are long gone. These days, with a few internet tools you can self-publish your book and earn some extra money from it. As we’ve argued before, publishing a book is one of the best ways to cement your expertise online. Alternatively, you can help other people self-publish their books.

Online teaching & course development

Education is not what it used to be. The days of sitting through classes listening to professors keep getting rarer. Nowadays you can learn most things on the internet. We’ve explored some of the top platforms to get you started teaching online. If you provide value to your students, course development and teaching are one of those online jobs that pay.


Podcasting at its essence is talking about things of interest. At the rate we generate information, sometimes it’s better to consume that information through our ears. The appeal with podcasts is that you can cover topics faster and people can listen to you on their phones.

Academic writing

Students sometimes need help with their classwork. Between all the classes and parties, things can fall off the wagon. Academic writers help research and write term papers, research papers, thesis, class assignments and many other things.


Transcription is turning the spoken word into written words. As a transcriptionist, you write down what is said. Whether it’s a business meeting, a podcast of a call, etc. You create a written record of whatever is said.


Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Some tackle specialist topics, others are generalists that cover different things. Most blogs make money through advertising or even selling something of value to the readers. Blogging is also a great way to organize your thoughts and cement yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Stock and forex trading

People do still trade stocks and forex from the comfort of the homes. Day trading can keep you occupied with the markets and make you some extra money. In reality, you have to be good to compete with the machines in the field, but you can still make some extra cash trading your own money or that of others for a cut.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers promote and sell products that don’t necessarily belong to them for a cut of the profit. You can become an affiliate marketer for a business or help people learn more about affiliate marketing. Amazon and other online stores have programs that can get you started.

Flipping domains and websites

You can think of domains as the real estate of the online world. You need to research the domains that have the potential to make you some extra money. You can also flip ready made websites for a profit just like real estate agents do with houses and property.

Social media management

Individuals and small businesses require the know how to navigate the world of social media. Social media platforms keep cropping up each day. They form the staple of how we connect nowadays. You can help businesses and individuals with their social media needs and earn an extra buck.

Mobile app development

mobile app development - online jobs that pay

We use mobile apps daily. There is a mobile app for almost everything nowadays. From getting directions, reading the news or playing games on our smartphones. As we’ve observed, where there is a need, there is money to be made. You can create your mobile app to scratch your itch. You can also help small businesses create apps to connect with their consumers.

Digital marketing

With all the noise on the internet and our ever-shrinking attention spans, digital marketers help businesses stand out. Which makes this one of those online jobs that pay. If you have the marketing chops, you can transform them into results for your clients in the digital sphere. Help businesses reach potential customers for a cut of the profits.

Data entry worker

Sometimes businesses and individuals require to “digitize” their paper form information. Data entry workers transform those paper written words and information into soft copies that have better storage and manipulation online. The reality is that data entry work doesn’t pay much nowadays, but it’s still a great way to get started earning an extra buck on the side.

Customer service

Humans hate the thought of dealing with machines when we need our problems sorted. We need to speak to someone to resolve an issue sometimes. As a customer service agent, you help businesses provide that human touch while solving problems for clients.

Tech support representative

Technology goes awry all the times. Computers crash, software doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. As a tech support rep, you help people navigate their technical problems. In most cases, you can do it from the comfort of your home if you have the experience in the technology. Companies also hire tech support representatives to help clients fix their tech problems.

Document translation

Despite the rise of auto-translation apps and software, businesses, individuals, and organizations require native speakers to translate documents. If language is your thing, you can help companies with their translation needs. The best part is that sometimes you don’t even have to be physically present as long as you do a great job at it.

Call center answering

You’ve probably contacted a business to help solve a problem. Someone has to take your order and ensure it’s the correct thing. Call centers abound for various things. In most cases, people man them from the comfort of their homes. You can think of it as a distributed call center. Instead of getting a machine you get a human answering your call, but they could be anywhere.

PPC Ad Manager

PPC Ad Managers help businesses advertise their wares online. A lot of small companies still need people to help them promote using Google ads, Facebook ads and a host of other channels. As an ad manager, you help businesses create campaigns and run them for a cut of the profits.

Webinar hosting

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet. Hosting webinars can create that extra cash you need. You can also help organizations run webinars online, setting everything up and ensuring success.

Sales management

Businesses run on cash. Sales generate money. And someone has to help close those deals. Put your closing and negotiation skills in this top online job that pays. You earn from both the sales you make and the commissions. Selling is also an essential skill. In the end, we are all salespeople in one degree or the other.

Project management

project management - online jobs that pay

Project managers conceptualize and outline how projects should flow. They are the people that keep things moving along. As a project manager, you ensure that people adhere to deadlines and keep the project from blowing through the allocated budget.

Editing and proofreading

Editors and proofreaders ensure the correctness of the written word. If you have an eye for details, this is the freelancing job for you. You need to be talented to fix the mistakes and flow of arguments. Given the content produced daily, this is one of the top online jobs that pay.

Network and system administration

Small businesses require the services of system administrators to keep their networks functioning. In most cases, they don’t have the budget for a full-fledged internal team. Turn your computer skills helping businesses maintain their systems and networks in top condition.

Information security

Securing data is one of the top online jobs that pay. Data nowadays is the currency of the online world. Malicious hackers know that as well. If you have the computer skills, you can help businesses and individuals secure data. It could be anything from internal networks to public-facing websites etc.

Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis is the analysis of a situation or event, especially a financial market, through sophisticated mathematical and statistical modeling.

Data mining and management

Companies need a way to make sense of data. Think of all the data users generate. Your job would be to find insights into that data and turn it into something useful.

Product design

Sometimes you have the idea for a product but have no clue about design. You can hire a product designer to help come up with something.

Logo design and branding

Am sure you’d recognize Nike’s logo or that of Google. Branding, in short, boils down the essence of business into something memorable. To stand out, both companies and individuals require fantastic logos that speak to their qualities. Put your talents designing logos and helping small businesses stand out in the noise.

Voice over talent

Do you have a smooth, silky voice? Can you make strangers swoon of listening to you? This could be the job for you. Voice over talent help with adverts or even personal projects. Think of Mark Zuckerberg using the voice of Morgan Freeman to run his home automation project!

Video production

Youtube is probably your go-to platform when you need to see something. That isn’t the only thing that requires video production skills. Companies need to produce videos from time to time. If you have the skills, you can help small businesses and individuals make videos that stand out.



Smartphones have forever changed how we enjoy photography. Still, that doesn’t diminish the need for quality and lasting photos. Or maybe, just a bit of retouching. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a photo shoot, we still need that extra juice and quality. Something that we can forever etch into our memories. And it better look nice. If you have those skills, photography, and editing is for you.

Graphic design

You only have to look at most graphics online, and you realize they need work. An excellent eye for design can be turned into a freelancing job or business that earns you some extra cash. From websites, products, t-shirts, social media posts, a graphic design comes into play.

Technical writing

There’s that famous slogan: Read The F&^*% Manual! In most cases, someone sat down and wrote it down. Technical writing covers the breadth of how products work in their most basic parts. Having the skills to understand and put together how something works, and then translate that into something detailed for the masses might give you a lucrative side hustle.

Web research

Sometimes you need to find something online but don’t have the time to do the research. A web researcher can help you track down that information for a fee of course.

Public relations

How we relate to businesses and brands matters. As a PR specialist, you create a unique persona for your clients. You also help when their brand goes down the drain.

Social media marketing

Social media marketers help businesses operate their marketing campaigns on social media platforms. It’s not just businesses that require social media marketing skills. Individuals, politicians, brands, and others also need that extra help to stand out. If you are a guru on social media, perhaps it’s time to your skills into some extra cash or a full-fledged business.

Email marketing automation

Email still forms a big chunk of how we communicate. Companies need to automate the millions of messages they have to send out each day to clients. You can help them better reach their intended audience. In most cases, you just set it once, and the software will take care of the rest.

Management consulting

Starting a business is easy, sustaining a business can be a nightmare. Companies have to deal with hiring, motivating employees, generating sales, etc. As a management consultant, you help companies navigate the world using your skills and experience. In most cases, qualifications help, but sometimes, those who have done something make the best consultants. So yes, turn your expertise into an extra money maker with this online job that pays.

Financial planning

Finances get complicated fast. Both individuals and businesses require cash to run. Financial planners make it easier to manage your money. As a financial planner, you help individuals, and sometimes companies develop strategies for saving, investing or merely surviving. Money management can get messy if not checked.

QA & Testing

From software to websites, people need to know that what they buy is quality stuff. Testers help businesses and companies iron out bugs in their websites or software before they get launched into the broader market. Your job is to ensure that the product works as advertised. In some cases, you can suggest improvements.

Bonus: Create your job!

create your own job

If you see a need in the market, it’s time you fill it. Sometimes businesses don’t even realize they have a problem until you point it out. And in most cases, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty. There’s never a complete top list. What you can do today online is not the same thing that’ll be available in a few years. Change happens. We shift the way we do things and revolutionize how we conduct business. In some cases, we ultimately automate. In fact, more than anything, automation is one of the most significant job change people face.

Perhaps we are getting to what John Maynard Keynes, that great economist and thinker predicted. An age where machines do everything, and we have to question what being human is all about.

In the meantime, take a job from one listed above and make some extra money from it. Or better yet, scratch your itch. Turn your idea into that business you’ve always dreamed of. The internet is your friend.

Best of luck.


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