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UrbanShare: A Follow-up to Canada’s Sharing Marketplace

UrbanShare: A Follow-up to Canada’s Sharing Marketplace

Today we have an interesting guest post from UrbanShare’s Alex Gontcharov, telling us more about his platform, which is a sharing marketplace for any type of consumer goods. As a sharing economy enthusiast, I am always fascinated by how companies are operating in this space. So enjoy Alex’s article, and leave him any feedback in the comments below!

Thanks to the continuing support from The Casual Capitalist, this is UrbanShare’ 2nd guest post here and we are thrilled to announce some good news.


UrbanShare is now live as we have released it privately (for now) to a few early adopters to collect the feedback and iron out the wrinkles that are expected with any new product. This brings us a step closer to the public launch in early November.

One of the major goals of the early private release is to encourage users to post as many items as possible on our online platform, so that there is a significant number of items ready to go for early November. This will ensure the meaningful sharing experience for all participants from day one.

UrbanShare: The Early Adopters

It’s still early in the game, but we are already getting some good real data and I thought it might be a good idea to share it with whoever is interested. We’ve got just about two dozen items posted at the moment, but already pleasantly surprised by how broad the variety actually is – from household items to kids’ stuff, musical instruments to tools and electronics. Take a look at the pics below. We specifically didn’t want to provide any guidance in regards to what items to post, the idea was for our users to define the sharing potential of their own stuff.


Urban Share Items


If you follow the sharing economy narrative, you’d know that the biggest cliché is “The Power Drill” example and how it’s average life time use is only between 12 to 13 minutes. So far, we haven’t had a single drill posted, but I am sure they are coming.

Urban Share Items 2
Looks like most people are comfortable sharing their items by the day and week and in the general range of $10-$20 per day and $25-$40 per week but, obviously, it’s too early to see any trends.

We’ll be sharing more real data as the info keeps coming in. Stay tuned.

Happy Sharing!

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