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airbnb automation

Airbnb Automation Tips

Learn how to Automate Airbnb Host Tasks such as taking emails, adjusting pricing,  and engaging with guests by implementing automatic and repetitive sequence that removes the need for host involvement. 

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Empire Flippers Review

Selling a $300,000 Online Business

Selling a business that you start from scratch is as much of an emotional decision as it is a financial decision, and after seven years of starting and running my business, I was ready to sell.

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four percent rule<br />

4% Rule Calculator

The 4 Percent Rule is one of the most highly debated and widely discussed retirement planning strategies.   Learn how to calculate it and how long your money will last using the 4% Rule.

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At The Casual Capitalist we share our personal experiences of how we have created financial freedom for ourselves and our families.  We talk about everything in The Sharing Economy from Airbnb to Uber and also discuss Real Estate Investing and Website Flipping.

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