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Author: Glenn Carter

Replace Your Day Job Income Through Freelancing

So your freelance business is finally getting off the ground. You’ve already landed your first few gigs, and your freelance rates are now similar to what you’ve envisioned when you first started thinking about working independently in the first place. Does this mean you’ve made it? And while we’re at it, is there any objective criteria to help you assess how successful you are as a freelancer? And one more thing. How are you supposed to know when to quit your day job? When will you manage to completely replace your day job income? Believe it or not, some...

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How To Start Writing A Book: Freelancer’s Guide

I'll let you start. Tell me about the book that you'll never write. Go on, I'm listening.The fact is, most of you have a fantastic book idea in your head right now, but you'll never write it down. And you know it!I've spoken to hundreds of you, and you have the most incredible ideas and stories stored away in your cerebral attics. You know those things have an expiry date right?Unfortunately, your book idea will likely never see the light of day.So keep going. What's the title of the book you'll never write? What does the cover look like?...

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