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Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 2 – Foreword by Tim Hudak

We are pleased to announce the official release of Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 2. This book has been a year in the making, with the ultimate goal of providing readers with financial flexibility through the sharing economy. Specifically, this book contains information on over 40 platforms you can use now to make money in the sharing economy. If you would like a free copy of Part 1 of Secrets of the Sharing Economy, please click here.

Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 2

We are extremely excited the announce that Tim Hudak, a Member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament and former Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, has provided an amazing foreword to Part 2 of Secrets of the Sharing Economy. But don’t take my word for it, read it yourself. Mr. Hudak is a fellow advocate of the sharing economy at the political level.

ForewordSecrets of the Sharing Economy Part 2

I’ve always been amazed by what human ingenuity, technology and consumer demand can do to give people a bit more of life’s precious commodities – time and money. The media like to call sharing economy businesses like Uber, AirBnB or Taskrabbit disrupters but at their core apps like these make your life more convenient, more affordable, and more enjoyable at the touch of a smartphone screen.

In 2015, I introduced a Bill in the Ontario Legislature to create a sharing economy legal framework around ridesharing, homesharing and parking sharing. My basic goal was to empower people under the law to put money in their pocketbook by better utilizing assets they already own, such as a vehicle, a home or a parking spot. I wanted to help open doors to greater independence for people and more control over the money they make and the hours they work.

The legislation also created some modern, sensible consumer protection and public safety standards that were consistent across the province such as a criminal background check and clean driving records for Uber drivers and insurance for a home or car that is shared.

I called it the Opportunity in the Sharing Economy Act (OSEA). As I write, while OSEA has not yet passed into law, I am confident that we will be successful in bringing some of Ontario’s stale, outdated rules into the 21st century one way or the other.

Now while I wrote a piece of legislation, Glenn wrote the book!

I got to know Glenn during the debate over my Bill and he was always a source of common sense and good advice. He instinctively knew that people would be increasingly interested in the potential of the sharing economy and optimistic about their future if they had more control of it.

And he was right.

Yes, there is controversy and debate surrounding the sharing economy but new technologies and new ways of doing things have always been part of life. Airbnb now has more than 2 million listings, compared to the largest hotel chains which has 1.1 million rooms, and Uber delivers over 1 million rides a month in Ontario alone.

Its obvious sharing economy businesses are here to stay, the question is how do we respond? The politicians who fight against these apps are akin to candle makers protesting Edison’s lightbulb.

Progress marches on. We can either march with it or fall under its feet.

I’m choosing to march, and what Glenn does in Secrets of the Sharing Economy is encourage people to march too, by laying out almost 100 platforms that anyone can start using now to make money. Secrets of the Sharing Economy encourages entrepreneurship on a micro level by informing people about the myriad of opportunities that exist for them in the sharing economy.

Whether you work as a part-time writer to earn some money for your child’s tuition, or offer up some of the preserves made from your own garden to shore up retirement income; the reasons that people are sharing in such large numbers are as diverse as the opportunities that exist within the universe of apps.

Let’s face it, economic growth and wage increases have all but stagnated since the downturn in 2008 especially in my home province of Ontario. Many families have little to nothing saved in their rainy day funds and most would be hard-pressed to weather a financial emergency.  The opportunities outlined in Secrets of the Sharing Economy can help in a big way by allowing people to save more, or simply make ends meet.

But Secrets of the Sharing Economy is much more than a guide to muddling through a rough patch.  It’s a way forward to a much more rewarding life where you can be your own boss full time or part time. Your call.

I believe that most people are inherently entrepreneurial and full of a wide variety of skills and gifts. There is satisfaction in creating something ourselves and in being a master of our own time. The rewards of directly benefiting from your own talent and strong work ethic are immeasurable, and undeniable. Glenn’s book calmly and confidently helps the reader explore the best path in a relatively safe and convenient way.

Whether you are familiar with the sharing economy and use it to earn income or make life a bit more convenient; or you need some help getting started sharing what you have, Glenn’s take on this innovative and growing sector is a great read. Secrets of the Sharing Economy is not an academic or economic analysis but a grassroots guide that teaches people exactly what the sharing economy is and how they can leverage it to put extra money in their pockets and make life a little better and a lot more interesting.

And when you’re done reading the book – don’t forget to share it!

Tim Hudak, MPP, Niagara West – Glanbrook, and former Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

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