easy online jobs

Are There Easy Online Jobs? Yes, and Here are Five

Easy online jobs are a real thing, and an increasing number of companies are relying on a remote workforce. This is good news for anyone who wants to earn an additional income on the side or who wants to work from home so they spend more time with their family. Finding a good online job […]

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7 Ways to Save Money as a Freelance Writer

7 Ways to Save Money as a Freelance Writer

Today we welcome a guest from Kenneth Burke, marketing director at Text Request, and owner of Kenneth Burke Media. He’s helped dozens of companies, from pre-launch startups to billion-dollar businesses, accomplish their goals. Get his free ebook, How to Become a Paid Freelance Writer.   Freelancing creates a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t get an […]

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best online jobs for college students

The Best Online Jobs for College Students

College is expensive. That’s no secret. Even with student aid and scholarships, tuition can go above $40000 a year leaving most students with a tonne of debt. So what’s a savvy casual capitalist college student to do? Pick up one of these online jobs for college students to help offset your costs. And the best […]

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Remote work - Jobs for people living in rural areas

Remote Work: The Best Jobs For People Living In Rural Areas

One of the biggest misconceptions among people who reach out to me is that there are no sharing economy income options in rural areas. Certainly the options are fewer, but there many remote work options available for those with an internet connection or simply a smartphone in some cases. Today, we are going to talk […]

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Tools for freelancers

Freelancing Tools: A Toolkit to Skyrocket Your Cashflow

Working as a freelancer is practically a one-person-army armed with a computer and a desire to be in control. You not only have to do your job, but also deal with all other aspects of running a business – even if you’re the only one involved in it.  This includes accounting, sales, lead generation, customer support, […]

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tips to save money

The Top 8 Tips to Save Money

Money. Most of us could do with more of it. Others need more than tips to save money in-order to salvage their financial situation. Money won’t buy you happiness or answer life’s big questions like what your purpose is, but at least you can feed your family and keep a roof over your head. Most […]

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writing a book for freelancers

Starting a Freelance Business: Write A Book (Seriously, Here’s How)

Don’t worry, starting a freelance business is easier than you think. And so is writing a book!   Before anything else, there’s something that I have to admit: nothing compares to having a freelance business.   Seriously! To say that being a gig worker is a lot more fun than having a regular job would […]

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earn money with smartphone

4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Earn Money

Want to know a secret? You can use your smartphone to make money. I’m not talking about selling your old smartphone, though you can sometimes make extra cash when upgrading to a new device. Whether you’re on an iPhone or Android, you can use your mobile device to earn cash and gift cards. This is […]

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choosing your freelance niche

Types of Freelance Jobs: Choosing Your Niche

Last week we spoke about how the freelance economy is booming, and what this means for you. Reports are now that somewhere around 30% of the American workforce are freelancers in some capacity.This number is only expected to increase, with another study staying it will rise to 50% by 2020.This is a big deal! In […]

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