Best apps for retirees & baby boomers

5 Best Apps for Seniors & Baby Boomers

Seniors have found that technology improves their quality of life. As such, today we want to discuss the absolute best apps for seniors and baby boomers. Why? The right mix of apps for seniors on their smartphones or tablet promotes significant lifestyle improvements. Baby boomers don’t always get the credit from the younger generation for […]

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save money without being cheap

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Being Cheap

You can save money in more ways that one, and it’s easy. No secret tips or detailed strategies are needed. You don’t even need to change the way you live or drastically cut back on your spending. All it takes is a little motivation and know-how. The below easy ways to save money outlined below […]

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“I Need Money” – What To Do Next

Every so often there comes a time in our lives where we take a long look in the mirror and say, “I need money.” Shortages of funds will happen, but that doesn’t mean you just have to suffer through them. There are plenty of ways to score some extra cash if you know what to […]

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The Top 5 Frugal Living Tips That Will Change Your Life

Let’s say you’re interested in cutting back on how much you spend. Let’s say you’ve been talking about it for a while, but, for whatever reason, you just haven’t been able to pull the trigger, so to speak. Sometimes, all you need to get started is a little push, so here are our top five […]

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Books that will change your mentality about money

Top 10 Finance Education Books to Transform your Finances in 2017

Money and finance education books are a dime a dozen (pun intended). Everyone has an opinion about your money. Including me! But there are finance education books whose principles have stood the test of time and changed people’s fortunes. The average millionaire reads an average of one non-fiction book per month. In fact, a study […]

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Budgeting 101

Budgeting 101: Budgets Are Horseshit

Keeping a budget is one of the most common pieces of financial advice. But a budget might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Depending on your financial situation, budgets may actually hinder your financial well-being. For some, budgets are important, but this is a small category of folks. In general terms, I believe budgets […]

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best way to save money

The Number One Best Way to Save Money

Everyone wishes they could save more money. Yet many people fail to time after time again. The best way to save money is to eliminate your money-wasting habits and replace them with money-saving habits. Though there are dozens of different ways to do this, there are a handful of methods that are time tested to […]

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gig economy platforms

Top 10 Gig Economy Platforms

The Gig economy is here. It goes by different names: The “collaborative economy”, “sharing economy” or even the “new work economy”. One thing we can agree on however is that it’s here to stay. Gig economy platforms continue to flourish driven by both technology and people’s desires for more flexibility in their work. According to […]

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Business Ideas

Business Ideas Are Like Lottery Tickets

Today I want to take a break from our regular side hustle programming to bring you something near and dear to my heart. Luck. The concept of luck is a controversial one. There’s nothing I hate more than hearing someone tell me how lucky I am, or how lucky I got when I’ve achieved something. […]

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