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How to Capitalize on Your Spare Time

How to Capitalize on Your Spare Time

Every dollar counts when it comes to saving money and reaching your financial goals.

Yet all too many people fail to capitalize on their spare time. The same hobbies and activities you already dedicate time to when you’re not working could make you some serious money.

That is, with a little extra effort.

Stop wasting your valuable time and add some cushion to your income with these five unique income opportunities.

Spend Spare Time Exploring the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy consists of thousands of online platforms that allow you to capitalize on underused assets that you already own – like cars, homes, hobbies, and labor.

The sharing economy consists of platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and TaskRabbit. These are perfect side gigs for those that want to make the most of their spare time.

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According to the Mesh Labs Global Sharing Economy Index, there are over 5,000 companies that offer such services. These sharing economy companies generate billions of dollars in revenue each year.

So why not get a slice of the pie? Rent your extra bedroom on Airbnb, drive for Uber a few hours a week, or pick up tasks on TaskRabbit to make some extra dough.

Use our sharing economy income calculator to find out how much you could be making.

Monetize Your Hobby

One of the best ways to capitalize on your spare time is to monetize an activity you already regularly participate in.

Oh, you’re a salsa dancer? Perfect! You can teach that on TakeLessons!

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Writers, photographers, and those interested in graphic design can do this easily. If you like to write, explore the writing gig listings on Upwork.

Photographers should consider licensing photos with Getty Images or selling them on Shutterstock.

If you have a passion for graphic design, there are numerous freelance opportunities available on Fiverr or DesignCrowd.

You might just find you like this kind of work so much that you make your hobby your full-time job!

Pick Up Gigs Around Your Neighborhood

Put your ear to the ground, and you’re likely to find a lot of people willing to pay for pretty easy tasks in your very own neighborhood.

Yard work, dog walking, and babysitting are some of the most common gigs.

It’s particularly effective to find these jobs by letting people you already know that you’re interested in doing them. They’ll tell their friends, their friends will tell their friends, and so on.

Get started listing your services on Craigslist, or another local website.

According to The BillFold, some dog walkers make as much as $120,000 a year. If you’re just walking dogs in your spare time, you can still count on at least $15 an hour per dog (if not a whole lot more) in most cities.

Check out DogVacay or for opportunities in this niche.

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Create a Blog in your Spare Time

Starting your very own blog can pay off big time. Even in the early stages, when you’re not making a lot of money, it can be personally rewarding.

The key is to create your blog about something you’re passionate about. It could be about sports, healthy living, cooking, pop culture, or even breaded cats. No kidding!

Image result for breaded cats

Or my personal favorite blog: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

Image result for Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

mmmmmm….Where were we? Blogs!

Services like WordPress make setting up a simple website easy. And due to the number of people interested in making money with blogging, there is a nearly endless supply of guides and resources available online.

ProBlogger is home to some of the best tips on making money by blogging.

Think you can come up with a better blog than Selleck Waterfall Sandwich?

Know Something Worth Teaching? Try Tutoring

Tutoring is in high demand across the United States. Tutors are needed for all subjects including music, English, science, and more.

There are two main ways to go about tutoring in your spare time. The first is to look for in-person opportunities.

This is where you’d tutor a local student a few times a week on a subject you’re knowledgeable about in person. Craigslist is a good spot to look or advertise for these opportunities.

Your other option is to tutor students online. This is my personal favorite. Websites like

Websites like, Wyzant, TakeLessons, and Udemy match experienced tutors with students for online tutoring sessions. This is usually done via chat or

This is usually done via chat or Skype. Now, I know exactly what you’re going to ask next.

The answer is no, you don’t have to wear pants if you’re tutoring over Skype.

Final Thoughts on your Spare Time

There’s no reason why you can’t make a little extra money in your spare time.

No matter how much time or energy you want to commit, there’s an option available for everyone.

Whether or not it involves salsa dancing, Tom Selleck next to a waterfall, or even pants, is entirely up to you.

Stay classy everyone!


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  1. Financial Panther

    Total agree here Glenn! The great thing about these type of side hustles is that they don’t have to be extremely labor intensive. You’re just using time you already have. The best thing is if you’re monetizing things you already do anyway. For example, I already own a dog. Watching a second dog on DogVacay or Rover doesn’t cause me very much extra work – I’m already taking care of my own dog anyway. Same with renting our a guest room on Airbnb. I already have the room. And cleaning isn’t a huge deal because I already need to clean my house for myself anyway. Honestly, having Airbnb guests means my house has never been cleaner!

    • Glenn Carter

      Ha! I hear you about the Airbnb cleanliness issue – It gives me that extra incentive to stop watching TV and clean! I like the point you made about the things you already do, like walk your dog. This is so true, and is a great way to ease yourself into a side hustle. Thanks!

  2. mary


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