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Go Look At Stuff – Make Money Being Someone Else’s Eyes!

Go Look At Stuff – Make Money Being Someone Else’s Eyes!


Here at the Casual Capitalist we’re always on the lookout for income opportunities in the sharing economy. Today we are going to bring to you four special opportunities to make money looking at stuff, starting with WeGoLook.

Although the platforms below fall into the tasking category of the sharing economy, they are unique. All three allow for some form of specialized tasking. This includes asset inspections in the case of WeGoLook, and retail and market research for Field Agent and GigWalk. Why are platforms like WeGoLook becoming so popular?

Meet Jack

In 2013, Jack retired from being a food scientist. Like many others in retirement, Jack found that he just couldn’t stay at home. Jack needed a flexible employment option to keep him occupied and engaged. After some research, Jack found WeGoLook.

Since joining, Jack has been able to fill his empty schedule with WeGoLook jobs, or ‘Looks’. This allows Jack to get out of his house and interact with people on a regular basis. Jack is also cushioning his retirement with side income. As an added bonus, Jack has the opportunity to refine his photography skills, something else Jack enjoys in retirement.

Let’s take a closer look at these platforms.

Make Money Looking At Stuff: WeGoLook

wegolook - make money looking at stuff

WeGoLook is a sharing economy platform that can dispatch from its over 30,000 ‘Lookers’ to verify claims made by sellers about assets for sale. Lookers act as your eyes on the ground to see if a purchase you want to make is as advertised. Think of it as an on-demand inspection, or custom tasking.

Maybe you want to buy a vacation property or used vehicle a few hundred miles away. You’re busy and don’t have the time to travel to this location and inspect the sale. You could hire a Looker from WeGoLook who would not only travel to the point of sale, but fill out a customized report. How’s that for service?

For Lookers, once a report is requested in your area you could be dispatched to fulfill that job. You will then reach out to the contact or seller to arrange the Look. Meanwhile, buyers can track the progress of their Look via the WeGoLook dashboard.

Lookers take pictures, videos, collect specified data, and respond to any questions about the object or property. Once complete, the Looker files their report which is verified by WeGoLook and then sent to the buyer.

Lookers are dispatched to verify anything about an object of interest to WeGoLook customers. These are usually vehicles and property, but can include boats, heavy equipment, document retrieval, notary services, and more.


Want to become a Looker? According to WeGoLook, their community is comprised of “school teachers, retired veterans, pastors, mechanics and other persons utilizing the opportunities within the crowd-sharing economy.”

To become a Looker, there are certain requirements you must fulfill:

  • Pass a background check;
  • Dress professionally;
  • Work with contacts in a friendly manner; and,
  • Own a smart phone.

In recent years, WeGoLook has expanded to offer services as a partner with established companies. This includes estate sales and eBay Motor listings.

As a nod to its unique business model, WeGoLook won the 2015 Innovator of the Year by The Journal Record. This award recognizes Oklahoma companies for innovation, technology, and growth. In 2015 Dell named WeGoLook in the #2 spot of their Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in The Internet of Things (IoT) field.

In January 2017 Crawford & Company, the world largest independent publicly listed provider of claims management solutions acquired a majority stake in WeGoLook further solidifying it’s position in the industry.

The company is revolutionizing the insurance industry by improving the flow of information and making it easier to make crucial decisions.

Impressed yet? Consider that in 2012, WeGoLook had 2 employees and a stable of 7,000 lookers. By 2017, the company employed over 130 people and had over 30,000 Lookers registered.

Why is WeGoLook so popular? Because it is solving a big problem in its industry. Put yourself in the shoes of someone about to make a large purchase remotely. This can be a property, car, or auction item. These purchasers are increasingly electing to have a trusted associate, in this case a WeGoLook Looker, do the inspection work for them. People are happy to pay for this type of professional service.

Interested in becoming a Looker? I know I am. You could be earning between $25-$200 per job just by acting as someone else’s eyes and ears. Check out the application site to become a WeGoLook Looker. WeGoLook also has an awesome resource page for Lookers and blog.

Field Agent (North America)

Field Agent is a mobile platform for brief in-person retail tasks. Think of it as on-location market research.


As opposed to other platforms, Field Agent is not peer-to-peer – it’s business-to-peer. Field Agents (taskers on this platform) are hired by larger corporations through the app to inspect products in local environments.

This platform is 100% mobile-based. You download the app, sign up, begin accepting tasks in your area and make money looking at stuff basically!

Tasks can include going to a local grocery store in your community and taking a picture of a product display. Or, going to a local chain restaurant and ordering a particular item on the menu. You will fill out questionnaires about the particular state of a product or experience.

Field Agent tasks can take anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes, but on average last between 1 to 10 minutes. Payouts per task vary, but they can be anywhere between $3 and $20.

It’s hard to make big bucks with Field Agent. But it’s a good way to make a money here and there when jobs become available in your area.

Gigwalk (Worldwide)


Gigwalk and Field Agent are similar, as they are both market research mobile apps. Gigwalk is available worldwide and was founded by three Yahoo! colleagues.

Gigwalk provides opportunities to complete small tasks that can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours.

Payouts on Gigwalk range from $3 to $100. As with Field Agent, all you need to do is download the mobile app and register. The registration process for both of these platforms is painfully easy.

Above are three solid options for making money by being someone else’s eyes. Maybe you are always on the go and this is a great way to fill in spare slots of time. Or, maybe you don’t get out enough, and this is the kick in the butt you need.

Easy Shift


Easyshift is an app that lets you make money looking at stuff and other small tasks locally. Some of the tasks you might perform include: taking pictures of products at local stores, verifying prices, or even asking for help from an employee.

How Easy Shift Works


1. Download the App & Sign Up

The Easy Shift app is available on both Android and Apple mobile devices. The signup is pretty easy within the app.

2. Find Jobs Near You

Ensure you share your location so the app can bring up jobs near you. Jobs can be shown on a map or list and exactly what you need to do plus how much the job pays

3. Complete Tasks

You have 24hrs from accepting a job on the app to when you are supposed to complete it. Once done, submit work through the app

4. Get Paid

Once your task is approved, you can expect payment within 48hrs (usually through Paypal), but it could be much sooner!

You can make anywhere from $2 – $20 depending on the task. Some jobs pay more.

Action item: Check out the websites of WeGoLook, Field Agent, GigWalk and EasyShift to see the types of tasks that are available in your area.

Get out there and start earning!


Editor’s note: This post was originally published in Feb 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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