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12 Awesome Tools for Uber Drivers

12 Awesome Tools for Uber Drivers

As with any business endeavor, a small amount of investment can yield high returns. But it has to be the right investment. Driving for Uber is no different, and today we want to discuss tools for Uber drivers that can increase your returns.

As an Uber driver, you are a small business owner. And sometimes one can be overwhelmed by everything that you can spend your hard earned dollars on. There is a balance when investing in your small business.

Don’t worry; we got you covered.

We conducted a survey of the Casual Capitalist community and came up with 12 tools for Uber drivers can buy, I mean invest in, to up their Uber game.

12 Tools for Uber Drivers (aka small business owners)

1. Education – No one expects you to know everything, and being a beginner in any new type of business is tough. So get educated!

Register for a ridesharing course that will give you the fundamentals of the ride-sharing industry, and the tricks you need to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of courses available online and on Udemy.

Our favorite course is the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course by Harry Campbell, aka The Rideshare Guy.


Uber Course


2. Smartphone Mount – This tool is probably one of the most important if you’re looking to get started as an Uber driver. You need some sort of dashboard mount for your smartphone. You don’t want to be fumbling with your phone as you drive. It’s super unsafe and unprofessional!
For under $10, make your life easier with a smartphone mount.

3. Mileage Log – Tools for Uber drivers include keeping track of your business expenses. Part of that includes tracking your mileage, maintenance, gas, and other business costs. Spend the $5 on something like this. Come tax season, you’ll be thankful you kept diligent notes.

4. Seatbelt Cutter – In case of an emergency, a seatbelt cutter is always a good idea to have nearby.

5. First Aid Kit – In keeping with the safety theme, a first aid kit is a good idea to have not only for you, but for your passengers, and in case you are nearby when an accident occurs.

Tools for Uber drivers


6. Dashcam – In terms of tools for Uber drivers, many in the Casual Capitalist community love their dashcam. This gives you as a driver a piece of mind that if something happens, you have evidence of what occurred. In case of an incident where insurance is involved, you could be thankful you had one.

7. Roadside Emergency Tool Kit – We always emphasize safety here. Along with the seatbelt cutter and first aid kit, this emergency toolkit can help you get out of bad situation. This could include if your vehicle breaks down, or an accident.

8. LED Strip Lighting Kit – One neat addition some of our members noted was LED strip lighting rope. They add this to the interior of their Uber car and illuminate it for evening rides.

These LED light strip kits come with a remote control and an installation guide. The lifespan of LED lights is up to 50,000 hours, and these kits are fully customizable. That is, you can change to the colors you want at any time.

St Patty’s Day? 50 shades of green are no problem!

Tools for Uber drivers


9. Car Chargers Kits – Another tool you will likely need is a charger kit for your Android or iPhone. You never know when this will come in handy as you will be using your smartphone on an ongoing basis as you drive for Uber.

Also, your riders might appreciate a quick battery boost if their phone is on life-support.

Tools for Uber drivers


10. Air Fresheners – And, everyone’s favorite topics: smells. You may want to have some air-fresheners handy as an Uber driver. Driving all day with passengers can introduce unique odors into your vehicle.

Air Masks for Uber Drivers


11. Illuminated Uber Signs for Night Driving – I can’t tell you how many times an Uber driver and I were scrambling around trying to find each other. I remember the night I saw my first Uber vehicle with an illuminated sign.

It was like magic! I could see the car from a mile away and could easily position myself for easy pickup.

Tools for Uber drivers


12. Car Seat Organizer – No one likes to get into a messy car. Especially if you’re an Uber driver, a cluttered car can turn into poor rider experience very quickly.

Car Seat Organizer


Spend a few dollars on a vehicle-specific organization tool for your backseat. Here, you can keep your snacks, pamphlets, reading material, or whatever!

There you have it folks, 12 almost-mandatory tools for Uber drivers. As a small business owner, a small investment in any or all of these above tools can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting perfect 5-star ratings.

The better the ratings, the more rides you get, the more money you earn. Simple as that.

Safe driving everyone!


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